H20 Biodome Cluster Complete System

  • H20 Dome
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  • Arduino
  • H20 Dome
  • Wireless Weater Station
  • Solar Panel
  • Full Shot Pro

H20 Biodome Cluster Complete System


Offered for sale is the H20 Biodome Cluster with Complete System. The complete system comes with everything necessary to start producing fresh, organic fruit and vegetables today! We’ve taken care of all the digging, all the weeding and all the watering for you. In the Biodome Complete System you just plant and pick! Simple!!

Product Description

H20 Biodome Cluster Complete System: .

  • Easily Upgrage– We will keep you up to date on all of our research and development to ensure your system is kept state of the art!


  • 2 x 18ft Biodome Greenhouse
  • 1 x 30ft Biodome Greenhouse
  • Custom Raised Beds
  • 150w Solar Panel
  • 3 x 50w Pump
  • Wireless Weather Station
  • Computer Control System

Additional information

Weight 3500 kg
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 500 cm


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