18ft Biodome Greenhouse

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18ft Biodome Greenhouse


Offered for sale is a 20Ft. Geodesic BioDome Greenhouse. Our Biodome frames are made of 2″x1″ cedar wood and offer many years of enjoyment!  Covers are made from super strong Polycarbonate for added security and peace of mind. Great for seed starting and hydroponic growing. The actual framework can be assembled easily within a few hours by our expert team. All Greenhouse Geodesic Frames are proudly made in the UK by Biodome Systems Ltd.

Product Description


  • 5 Year Warranty on your greenhouse frame for as long as you own it.
  • Modular Strut design allows for easy setup or take down as needed!
  • Snow Loads and Winds – The Geodesic frame strength not only is incredibly weather tolerant but able to with stand high winds and hurricane like situations.  They can bear heavy snow loads in winter climates.


  •  You will receive complete modular Geo-Dome frame made of hard wood and polycarbonate panels to make a complete 3v frequency 20 Ft. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse.
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE On-site Assembly


Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 200 x 200 x 100 cm


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