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Save thousands of pounds on organic food for the rest of your life. Typically produces thousands of pounds worth of organic food per year.

Help the Environment

You will be setting the pace for our future, helping our environment and discovering the most cutting edge approaches to sustainability.

Protect Our Planet

You will feel great about yourself for what you are doing for this planet. If you believe in the next generation be part of the movement and join in today!

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Biodome System

Complete Sustainability! What Else?

  • From our servers to our circuits to our delivery service, we are powered by 100% renewable energy and with ZERO carbon footprint!
  • Completely organic gardening. No GMO, No pesticide and No herbicide here! Eliminating the need for toxic chemicals with mother natures principles.
  • Providing thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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Amazing Biodome: Get It Before Anyone Else!

Incorporating 3 simple strategies to get the best performance from your pupils!

20ft Biodome

• 18ft in diameter • 9ft tall • 322 ft2 of usable floor area • Available in 2”x1” treated pine or 25mm galvanised steel tube. • Designed to withstand the highest wind speeds and snow loads

Solar Power
Wiresless Weather Station
Computer Aided Design
Rainforest Interiors

  • Option 1
  • £15000
  • Biodome:Space for up to 44 people.
  • Flooring Area:322ft2
  • Diameter:18ft
  • Height:9ft
  • Option 2
  • £20000
  • Includes: 18ft Biodome Greenhouse
  • Solar Powered Pump:50watts
  • Weather Station:Wireless
  • Interior:Food OR forest.
  • Option 3
  • £80000
  • Dome Cluster:Capacity for 202 people.
  • Flooring Area:1451ft2.
  • Diameter:18ftx2,30ftx1
  • Height:15ft max.
  • Option 4
  • £100000
  • Includes: Biodome Cluster.
  • Solar Powered Pump:200watts.
  • Weather Station:5in1
  • Interior:Food, Forest Or Vertical Farm.

Amazing Tools To Inspire Students

We are working toward the future of life on Earth by pioneering BioDomes in which every aspect of daily living has been carefully examined to create a self-sustaining eco system in harmony with nature.  

  • A lot of headteachers want to know how to keep there staff up to date with the best training. Thats why we made it virtual!
  • Not everyone can afford trips for their entire school to the eden project, that’s why we bring it to you!
  • Using the 70-20-10 rule to accelerate learning and development.
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Biodome Systems Has Created Massive Gains in Efficiency Across Multiple Industries



Less Waste In Our Manufacturing
Increase In Crop Yields
More Efficient Structures
Less Chemical Inputs Required

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